Your yard waste containers and bags are dumped every week from the first full week of April until the last full week of November, weather permitting. Please have your containers and bags out by 7 AM on the day of your pick up.

Yard waste includes:

  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Bundled brush
  • Garden material
  • Tree limbs up to 3 inches in diameter, no longer than 5 feet
  • Christmas trees (January 11th to the 15th, 2016)

We can not haul the following items:

  • Sticks and twigs that are not bundled
  • Plastic bags filled with yard waste
  • Yard waste bins or bags over 40 pounds
  • Dirt
  • Sod
  • Rocks and sand
  • Mulch
Residents in Hennepin County who bag their yard and organic waste are required to put their waste out for pickup in compostable bags. Acceptable bags include either paper bags or compostable plastic bags. This is due to a law that went into effect January 1, 2010.

Plastic bags at composting facilities are problematic because the plastic must be separated from the waste, which is expensive, and some plastic may still end up in the compost, which decreases the quality of the compost. Using compostable bags will reduce processing costs and enhance the quality of the finished compost.

Burt’s Disposal recommends BioBag lawn and leaf bags! They have a 33 gallon capacity, are durable and sturdy and gathered at the bottom for extra strength. BioBag lawn and leaf bags are sized to meet state lift Laws which range up to 45 lbs.